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River 2011 Shirts!

The design for the RivFur 2011 t-shirt is finally complete!
This year we will be doing colour prints. The artwork is by Caboodles --->

You can get this printed on a shirt (omg!)
And you can choose what size and colour t-shirt you would like!
See a list and pictures of the shirt colours, plus size measurements, here --->

Is this not beyond awesome?
Shirt cost is $25 AUD. We may possibly consider making these available to people who aren't attending, if there's enough interest.

If you would like to order a shirt, this is what you have to do:

If you can pay via Paypal or credit card, use this button!

Furry Name

If you cannot use Paypal, please email me at furfetchd (at) gmail (dot) com with the email subject "RivFur 2011 Shirt". Make sure you note the Size and Colour of your shirt, plus your furry name and where you would like your name to be painted on your shirt. Cash-in-hand payments can be made but they must be in advance. If you have not paid, we will not order your shirt!
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Deadline for shirts is Monday the 14th, we need to at least double the number of orders we have so far. Not sure why orders have been so slack, its not like we have increased price since last year.

For those that have ordered thank you :) we will let you know Tuesday if your money will be refunded
Also if the shirt order is cancelled the price of the dance WILL go up to $10, money for the hall hire, speaker hire, goodies for the BBQ and dance has to come from somewhere.

RivFur 2010

This years dates are the 9th to the 11th of July.
Yes we know it clashes with Abbey faire .
Yes its still happening.
No it hasnt been cancelled in favor of Furdu

RivFur 2010

the official dates have been announced, Rivfur 2010 will be on the 9th to the 11th Jul
Yes we know this clashes with abbey, no we arent changing it. This is the first year in two years that it has been on the same date and it has made no difference to attendence, please do not comment and ask us to change it
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Goodies Deadline

The cut-off date for RivFur Goodies emails is July 1st. Get your emails in before the end of June or I will kindly tell you to go screw yourselves.
I mean it. Bingo is working his ass off after his normal job on these as we're up to 47 emails so far. We're not over-logged but the more time we have to do these, the better!

I ask that people please be at least 80% positive that you'll be attending RivFur this year before you place your order. We spent a lot of effort last year making cards that people didn't pick up.

Send these details in an email to, with the subject line "Rivfur 2009"
Your preferred name. - The name you go by in furry circles, or the name you prefer to be called.
A detailed character description and/or a good reference of your character. - The reference can be a headshot, and preferably in colour.

References can be linked or attached with no problems.

Looking forward to hearing from you - and see you at RivFur!
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Could the people who have signed up for rivfur please check the events you have signed up for, you can not go to the science center AND rockclimbing on saturday as they are both at the same time. We need an accurate count so we know who is coming so we can wait for them, and also rockclimbing needs over ten people to get the discount

RivFur 09 Program

Ok Folks, the details are set, the venues are booked and we are good to go!

Friday Afternoon BBQ.
A few of us will be heading in midday to claim the BBQ's we require (as one can't reserve public BBQs) and shoo away the masses of Ibis that invade the lands. To make it very easy for everyone we've decided to take the table area across the path from the Suncorp Piaza (giant stadium looking thing). The area is alittle less frequented by public and billions of children so those fursuiting will get a tiny bit of time to breathe. There are also changerooms and toilets close by so getting suited up won't be a problem for those who wish to engage in the events.

However. **** Important ****
Southbank Parklands have strict guidelines we must adhere to in order to be able to suit in their grounds. We have been granted permission on the following rules.

No Advertisement of any description:
Those partially suiting are requested to not wear shirts that can not be mistaken for mascotting for that company. We are granted permission to suit on condition that we are private users of the parklands... just like everyone else. Keep this in mind when selecting clothes for your suit. Nothing that could be mistaken as a promo-scheme.

No Busking, Street Entertaining:
Southbank pays performers every friday, saturday and sunday. These performers don't require your assistance in their acts. Security have been informed we are going to be attending and will leave us undisturbed... but if it appears that some are street preforming and busking, we'll be asked to leave.

Limited Public Interaction:
If public instigates interaction with us there isn't a problem. But we're asked that we keep our paws off people who don't instigate first. As harmless as your intentions may be, the chinese tourist or the 4 year old kid may not apreciate you looming over them, following them about. Lets try and not appear completely creepy and leave patrons who don't want to be involved.. not involved.

Photography: -=- MOST IMPORTANT -=-
If public wishes to take photos of them with your suit. That's fine. But under no circumstance is anyone to take photo's of themselves with children unless you have express permission from their guardian/parent. This was highly pressed upon me by southbank; that not only will we be asked to leave but police will be called if un-consented photography (I'm talking face to face with a kid.. not a kid trotting by in the background) is taken.

It's advised to bring one around with you if your intend on leaving the main BBQ area. Common sense says that friday night will attract drunks, teenagers and wankers... we want you back safe and suit not damaged. Take someone with you that's going to be able to get you out of trouble if you want to go for a walk.. specially near the pubs.

What to bring:
Stuff you want to eat or drink. We'll be bringing some extra Sausages and Bread but if you want something fancy or something to drink we ask you bring it along too :)

Public Transport runs to the Culture Center and southbank stops from the busway/city every 15minutes.
Alternatively it's a 20-25min walk from Brisbane CBD
Notes about parking:
* You will need a car to park.
* Paid Parking is available under the grounds but is rather expensive.
* Free parking is available from Musgrave park but less secure to travel back at night alone.
* Those attending the movie will receive 3 hours of parking free aslong as they get their ticket validated when purchasing the movie ticket.

Friday Night Movie!

As has become tradition, after the BBQ those who want can head over to the movies at Southbank cinema
The new Harry Potter movie will be showing then as well as others that we will provide info for as it gets closer to the date.
It is highly suggested to buy your tickets early in the day, before coming over to the BBQ would be a good time (for those not familiar with where the cinema is, someone from the BBQ area will be happy to show you

Prices are (at this time, we will update any changes):-
Adults $8.50
Students/Seniors $6.50
Children/Pensioners $4.50


We will have two events happening at the same time
first event is Rock climbing, this will be held at .We need at least ten to get the group discount
Prices are as follows
$16 each, Includes: Climbing, Harness Hire, Instruction
$5 Shoe hire, of course if you have rock climbing shoes feel free to use them
you will have to sign an idemnity form, they can be downloaded from the website or we can supply one for you if you dont have access to a printer, filling these out beforehand means you get to climbing quicker :)
Age issues
At Rocksports any age can climb. Though the person who operates the rope (the belayer) has to be at least 13 years. If you are not climbing, and only belaying, there is only a $2.00 charge.
What to wear
Comfortable, loose fitting pants are best. Tight jeans, skirts and dresses are not suitable. Climbing shoes are highly recommended and are available for hire. No bare feet.

Meet up for this will be at the venue
we are booked at the venue for Midday and the session will go for around 2 and a half hours
If you are coming via train you need to get to Brunswick St Station in Fortitude Valley
Rocksports is at 224 Barry Parade ph 07 3216 0462

Our Second event will be at The Sciencentre which is in the Qld Museum at Southbank
Prices are (again updated if needed):-
Adult $11
Child (5-16yrs) $8
Concession/full-time student $8
Under 5 free
How to get there
Queensland Museum South Bank is close to Brisbane CBD. A public car park is conveniently located directly below the Museum.
Parking spaces for visitors with disabilities have been reserved on the lower level of the car park adjacent to the lift.
Pay on entry. Cash ($50 and $100 notes not accepted) and Credit Cards accepted. (No EFTPOS.)

Regular parking fees:
Before 9am Monday-Friday: $20
After 9am Monday-Friday and anytime on weekends/public holidays: $12
On Foot
You can enter the museum via: Dinosaur Garden on Grey St, the Museum Plaza on the corner of Grey St and Melbourne St, the Melborne St Overpass and the Museum Cafe via Stanley Place.
Please note there will be no exit or entry to the Museum via Grey Street at the following times:
After 2.30pm during school semester time.
Weekends and public holidays.
Queensland School holidays.
Public Transport (TransLink Services)
Queensland Museum South Bank is in close proximity to South Brisbane railway station, the Cultural Centre Busway and South Bank CityCat and Ferry terminals.
For more information visit


Saturday Night

Once again at the Mansfield Tavern


Most of this stuff is common sense, but if we have it down on paper (screen?) then no-one can say they weren't told. Please Understand that a few of these rules, especially involving minors and fursuits are direct messages passed on from the venue co-ordinator... not us being "fun nazis". If you feel that anything needs to be constructively discussed or added, feel free to do so via email ( or )

Conditions of Entry.
* It's expected all participants will pay the compulsary cover charge of $5 per person entry. This covers the booking of the place, the hiring of speakers and set-up and clean-up of the venue after.
* While the rest of the centre is a public bar, it's preferred and requested that we are contained to the ample room designated for us. There isn't any reason to be in the public bar.
* Any Under age (17 or younger) patron must identify themselves to desk-staff upon entry and abide with conditions below.
* Enclosed footwear and suitable attire must be worn at all times.
* Any participant behaving poorly or who is considered over-intoxicated will be evicted. (This one should go without saying)

Under Age
IMPORTANT We must know if you are underage and this year they are being very strict, you must be with a parent or guardian and have permission to be there IMPORTANT!!!
Massive fines are inflicted upon but customer and centre which provides alcohol to those under legal age. If any persons is caught providing drinks to those under age they will be evicted as well. No exceptions. Centre management has made it perfectly clear they will close the night early if they feel their at any form of risk. Any member under 18 can not go into the gaming lounge(pokies room) or TAB (Sports/horse racing) section either. This is a legal requirement too and will result in same concequences as drinking.

Meals and Food
We strongly encourage eating before coming to this event. Counter Meals will be available but there will be only one chef with a normal night of ingredients. Expect extensive delays if you decide to order food here. The meals are reasonably priced and the menu is only available upon arrival. Seriously though, eat before you get there. Or arrive early to have a meal in their resturant, this opens for dinner at 5:30pm and closes at 9pm.

* Fursuiting is only permitted in the hall we have booked and the garden area attatched. No exceptions.
* The main practice of this place is a PUB. Meaning the odd chance of a drunk or two, please limit interaction with general public to save complications.
* A space has been designated for getting in and out of suit. Please use the designated area.
* Know your own limits, drinking and suiting doesn't mix... Be responsible for your own well being in suit.

Misc Notes
*** There is an ATM outside and readily available. It will only disperse $20 Notes so please try and have the $5 as a note/change to save time/stress of gathering change.
*** The bar is not open, you pay for your drinks on order.
*** Rivfur staff and volunteers are there to have a good time too, not to deal with rule-breakers. Any issues regarding behaviour or rule breaking will be dealt with swiftly and will affect invites to other events held within the weekend.

Getting there via public transport.
Patrons using public transport will require a ticket and fursuiters may be better off requesting a lift with someone driving. The 180 will deliver you to the stop directly outside of the mansfield tavern. The 185 Will deliver you there as well but services terminate early on weekends and the bus travels through every backstreet of brisbane (exageration). People planning on returning or transferring from other bus-lines are advised to purchase an "off peak saver" which is usable for the entire day of travel within selected zones.

180 Timetable is available here ... mit=search

Travelling from the city itself takes up to 30-40 minutes to arrive, note that this is an express bus stopping only at stops marked as express ones. Cost is about $3.40 (pending price change june/july) one way or $5.60 return. Important note for people leaving via public transport.. the last service city-bound leaves at approx 10:40pm, it's strongly advised to be out at the stop at least 10 minutes beforehand.
Travelling from Garden City takes about 10 minutes from the shopping centre and will drop off across the road from the centre. Cost is about $2.50 (pending price change) or 4.8 return for the off-peak saver. Service will run hourly until 1:05am for this bus but keep in mind that all inbound services will have ceased by then and won't return until 4am.

This years themepark will be Dreamworld
all info including travel and maps of the park can be found here
Prices are :
Adults $69.00
Children (4-13yrs inclusive) $45.00
Pensioners (Proof required) $45.00
these prices are valid till Nov 09

We have quite a few people with cars so if you'd like a lift or want to volunteer your car to ferry people let us know (
The car convoy will leave from The Cave at around 9am
otherwise make your own way there and we will meet up inside the park in front of the fountain between 10 and 10:30
Of course you are free to go to one of the other theme parks if you dont want to go to Dreamworld :)